Monday, November 23, 2015

From Hops to Spice

So how do you start a blog?

Before we moved to Mumbai, I always jokingly said I might start writing a blog but staring at a very blank screen now seems a bit scary. This isn't helped by not being the most technically gifted person - it took me about 15mins and 3 cookies (like biscuit cookies, not those internet ones) to discover where to update the "about me" section - which means I nearly gave up before I started.

Combined with the dissapointment that the website (not sure that is the right blogging terminology) I wanted (hopsandspice) wasn't available, blogging and I haven't had the best start. However, when I saw that the guy who had stolen MY website only ever wrote two posts, I was determined to do better than him and with a much cooler name: Hops'n'Spice. So I promise to write at least three posts (no guarantee for the fourth).

Credit for the name goes to my PlayStation obsessed boyfriend by the way... Hops and Spice seems like a fitting name as it combines two things that are very defining of the country I lived in and the country I have just moved to. The English love a pint of beer and with hops a key ingredient it sums up a lot of fun days spent in a cosy English pub. And if there is one way to sum up what Indian food is all about, it's spice, spice and a bit more spice.
Back in London, there was also a nice little restaurant around the corner from where we used to lived called "Hops and Spice". Although it was a great place, I wasn't too sad when it closed down and was replaced by a Franco Manca (THE best pizza place in the world). So much for the name.

I thought it would be nice to share what we get up to with friends and family in mental Mumbai but then also realised that I lived in one of the most amazing places for 5 years and never even thought about writing a blog about London. So this blog will not only be about Mumbai and India but I will also share some of the places I loved discovering in London and the UK. And I am sure the differences will be quite entertaining (for myself more than anyone else) but I might also find some surprising similarities...

Finally,it might be worth poiting out that although I haven't lived there for nearly 10 years, I am still very German after all and according to people close to me can display the occasional sign of German rudeness so if any readers (British or Indian) ever feel stereotyped or misunderstood, I apologise in advance - it probably is just the German humour the rest of the world doesn't seem to understand...

So hello blogging and "chalo" (Hindi for let's go)

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